Next Generation AI storytelling and language

26/11/2019, 10:30am- 04:30pm

The Engine Room, People’s History Museum
M3 3ER

How can AI and machine learning be harnessed as creative tools to help artists, writers, poets, film and theatre makers create compelling narratives and experiences for the audiences of the future?

A one-day event for UK based artists, writers, poets, film and theatre makers, creative technologists, arts organisations, and cultural stakeholders.

AI and machine learning are no longer futuristic technologies but are being increasingly integrated into our everyday lives; used to help us access creative content, from image and video content, to music, radio and podcasts. Artists, writers and organisations are already exploring whether AI can help them develop new creative worlds for people to discover but as a cultural sector there is nothing like the widespread interest and uptake there is in immersive technologies. The Space is interested in exploring what some of the potential barriers to adoption are and how we might facilitate creative access to these powerful new technologies.

The Space, with funding from Arts Council England, present a one-day event looking at ways in which AI intersects with language, writing and storytelling.

This event looks at how AI and machine learning are used in literature, drama, spoken word and other narrative forms. We’ll consider how we might develop new forms of storytelling and artistic experiences, and discuss critical questions that surround the use of these technologies.
We will present keynotes/examples from creatives across different artistic disciplines, some of whom are already experimenting with AI and machine learning and those who are interested in the potential for AI to help them explore new forms of narrative, storytelling and artistic experiences in the future. The day will also involve discussions and break out sessions involving attendees, and is designed to be interactive.

This event is designed for creative or artistic directors of arts/cultural organisations, writers, poets and spoken word artists, theatre and film makers, creative technologists, interactive producers and arts funders who are interested in exploring uses of AI and machine learning.

Published on:
7 Nov 2019


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