NSDF Creates: Barrel Organ & Company

NSDF and Barrel Organ will select one emerging company to support in the development of their first piece of work as well as providing mentoring and organisational development support throughout.

They are looking for an emerging company with an exciting, innovative idea for a new piece of work. The piece can explore whatever you wish, but must be an idea which lends itself to the medium of theatre, and the relationships theatre can create between performer and audience. It must be truly interested in what collaboration and ensemble means, push boundaries and aim to provoke an audience, rather than teach them.

They want to ensure that you are supported through this process both artistically and logistically. They will work closely with the chosen company to explore a mentoring process that can focus on anything f rom company logistics and structure to dramaturgical techniques.

We want to ensure each team member is supported during this process, so members of each company will ‘buddy up’ roles. (e..g. The company’s producer will ‘buddy up’ with Producer Ellie Claughton to deliver the project and Ellie will provide mentoring throughout the project and Director Ali Pidsley will ‘buddy up’ with the Director). If Barrel Organ is unable to provide a corresponding ‘buddy’ for a role then additional mentoring will be provided.

They will form the production process together. We want this to follow as typical a production process as possible, responding to the specific needs of the work. From October 2021 we will work together to research, develop, produce and deliver the project.

They will be offering the company a supporting cash injection of £500 to deliver this work.

The production will be presented at NSDF’s 65th Festival, between 9th – 15th April 2022.


  • They are seeking companies who have no professional credits but who have made a commitment to working together as a company.
  • Companies must be located within the United Kingdom
  • Companies must be free to attend and perform at the festival – 9th – 15th April 2022



Monday 18th October 2021 at 5pm. Meetings with a shortlist of companies will take place w/c 25th October. Successful applications will be selected by Monday 1st November 2021.

Applicants should be aware that they need to be free on 9th – 15th April 2022.


NSDF Creates: Barrel Organ & Company | NSDF

Published on:
6 Oct 2021
Opportunity deadline:
18 Oct 2021


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