Older Artists’ Bursaries 2021

Luminate is delighted to announce a programme of bursaries for artists aged 50 or over who are in the early stages of a new artistic career.

Each bursary will be between £500 and £1,200, and can be used to support your artistic development. A total fund of £12,500 is available. This is an opportunity for older artists to define their own artistic development needs and be supported to meet them. Bursaries can support you to learn new skills, undertake mentoring, coaching or professional training, or travel – in the UK or further afield – to build networks or attend conferences. These are only examples, and there may be other areas you’d like to explore.


midday on Monday 15th November

All applicants will be notified of the result of their application by Friday 10th December.


Published on:
22 Oct 2021
Opportunity deadline:
15 Nov 2021


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  1. I understand that this Bursary applies to Scottish residents only. Is that true?

    by Ron Fernee
    12:32 pm, 12 Nov 2021
    1. Hi

      I’m afraid that I’m not associated with the Older Artists’ Bursaries, I just use this page to promote opportunities I think writers will find useful. Please click though to their own site to ask them directly


      Chloe Smith
      Bruntwood Prize-Co-ordinator

      by Chloe Smith
      2:32 pm, 12 Nov 2021