Omnibus Theatre- Engine room for scratch performances

Engine Room is Omnibus Theatre’s regular scratch programme, giving theatre makers and artists the opportunity to experiment and play. Following a rehearsal period, participating artists present up to 20-minutes of work in development at a live sharing. Engine Room usually takes place once each month and each one features 3-4 brilliant theatre makers.

For each Engine Room participant, they offer:

  • A 20-minute slot in the Studio Theatre
  • Up to three days free rehearsal space
  • A dramaturgical session with Artistic Director Marie McCarthy
  • Technical assistance
  • Meaningful audience feedback

Engine Room is part of Omnibus Theatre’s commitment to supporting artists and theatre makers, championing new voices and challenging perceptions. Artists that have previously presented work include; Nouveau Riché, Vera Chok, The Queer House, Opia Collective, Cocoa Butter Club and Playing On.


Friday 26th November July 2021, 6pm.

Published on:
3 Nov 2021
Opportunity deadline:
26 Nov 2021


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