Paines Plough- rolling unsolicited script submission

Paines Plough accepts submissions of unproduced play scripts to be considered for production by the company. If you have written an original play for the stage that is yet to be produced, they will read it and let you know whether they wish to consider it for production.



They’re interested in contemporary plays that say something about being alive today. Plays that they recognise as being in some way about our own lives. Paines Plough don’t produce plays set in the past, or historical biopics. Please note also that they only accept scripts from UK and Irish playwrights.

Please only submit one play at a time.

Your play will be read by one or more members of the core artistic team: James Grieve & George Perrin (Co-Artistic Directors).  Once they have received your play, the theatre will give you a call within a week or two to let you know it’s arrived. One of the core team will then read your play and get back to you within 8 – 10 weeks. Please be aware that because they  receive lots of plays every week and only a tiny percentage are considered for production.

They are unable to offer feedback on plays they are not considering for production.

To apply please go to

Published on:
29 Jun 2018


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