Paperwork Liverpool

Paperwork Theatre CIC create live theatrical experiences for people of all ages and backgrounds. They create art which is joyful, playful, adventurous and full of human experience.

Play-Dates are skills development workshops for North-West based theatre making artists of all forms.

Come together, to share art forms, create new material and do some networking in a fun creative environment without the pressure of an end product.Hosted by Liverpool Everyman Playhouse (Jan-March)

Pitch your new idea at the next Play-Date. The pitch which receives the highest number of votes on the night takes home the fund.

You are eligible for a Tea-Cup Commission if you:

  • Are based in the North-West
  • You‘re not currently a student/ theatre is your job
  • You must be developing a new idea for theatre/ live performance
  • You have not been in receipt of a Tea-Cup Commission within the last 12 months

Next event:
Tuesday 14th January, Liverpool Everyman Theatre, 7-9pm

Deadline to pitch 

5pm Friday 10th January.

Successful pitchers will be asked to speak for 4 minutes about their project on the night. A winner will be chosen by a vote at the event.

Published on:
6 Jan 2020


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