Peggy Ramsey Foundation- Grants available to UK playwrights

The Peggy Ramsey Foundation give money to theatre writers in order to afford them the time and the space to write. You can be a writer who’s only had one play professionally produced, a writer who’s had dozens of successes or a writer who’s somewhere in between – if you’re struggling to pay the bills, then they can help. They only support writers resident in the British Isles.


  • They support musical book writers and lyricists as well as writers of straight plays.
  • They also support writers who write theatre for families and young people.
  • They do not support writers who write solely for media other than theatre.
  • They do not support composers.
  • They will not accept more than one application from a writer in any 12 month period and other than in exceptional circumstances will not make more than three grants in total.
  • They cannot cover production costs, workshops, reading or to pay for a dramaturg- please only apply if you are a writer who needs the time and the space to write.

They aim to make a decision on applications within three months of receipt and are often able to do so more quickly.


Checklist- you will be asked to share;

  • A little about what you have written before
  • A little about what you are writing now, which should include details of the specific project for which you need the time and space and why you need money in order to be able to write (e.g. to pay the rent, buy a laptop, cover what would normally be your salary from temping…etc.)
  • If you would like to include up to a page of brief attributed press quotes for previous productions, that is helpful, but certainly not essential. Please don’t send full reviews or scripts.

Published on:
31 May 2022


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