Pentabus- rolling script submissions

Pentabus accept scripts from anyone all year around, apart from the weeks when they are recruiting our Writer in Residence, which has specific submission criteria.


  • They want to hear from everyone – from writers and theatre-makers from all backgrounds and skill levels.
  • They’re particularly interested in hearing from people who are from rural backgrounds, or have an original story to tell about rural issues or the countryside.
  • Currently, they can’t accept scripts or ideas from writers outside of the UK and Ireland.
  • They have limited resources and a small team, so we can only respond to one script at a time. It can take up to 4 months for them to get back to you with feedback.
  • They tour work to village halls and studio theatres, to fields and forests nationally. Their maximum touring company is four performers.
  • They would like to read scripts which are an example of your writing in case they’d like to begin a dialogue with you as a writer, and to give you some feedback on your work.
  • They can’t produce:
    • scripts with large casts,
    • a lot of bad language,
    • a very urban theme.
    • work which has already had a production anywhere in the world.
  • They can’t re-read scripts which they have already read.
  • Priority will be given to artists who are genuinely rural, and those who are local to the Marches, Herefordshire and Mid-Wales.

Published on:
15 May 2020


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