Phakama- Young Artist Bursary

Phakama (based at Queen Mary University- East London) want to encourage and support young artists to make  creative ideas become a reality by offering seed funding of up to £1000 a year to a creative young person or group aged 16-25.

They hope that this seed funding will give you the opportunity to test out your idea, and develop your creativity whilst complementing Phakama’s vision. This bursary should help you realise your potential to create and lead daring projects.

At the end of your project, in agreement with the young artist, there is the possibility for Phakama to take this on as a core project. Key audiences that Phakama would like to work with are; Intergenerational groups, local schools/community groups , young People, refugees and disability groups


Phakama aim to:

  • create daring performances in unusual spaces, which celebrate the art of existence and creates shared spaces where the seemingly impossible becomes possible.
  • unite communities through a process of Give and Gain, which is trailblazing, non-hierarchical and life-affirming
  • bring together young people and diverse communities, who otherwise would not have the opportunity to connect, and provide a platform from which to express, grow and perform.
  • The project must have started by December 1st 2019 (this can include planning time) and finish by August 31st 2020.
  •  It is possible to submit more than one project idea.
  •  They accept young artists to submit joint applications with other young people as long as they are aged 16-25.
  • The fund is unrestricted, so artists can allocate the money as they see appropriate for the project idea. You will present a very rough idea of how you will spend the money e.g how much on materials, how much on artist fees, venue hire etc but Phakama will support you in creating a clear budget.
  • You will receive the support of a mentor from Phakama’s Associate Artist team. The type of support you need will be decided through conversations with yourself and the Phakama team.
  • They can negotiate free space at Queen Mary University both for workshops and for a public outcome if necessary, but they can also happen off-site.


midday 28th October 2019.


For full information on the sort of projects the company are looking for- please go to


Published on:
4 Oct 2019


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