Pizza and Pitches- Online Edition WED 20TH JAN



Wed 20 Jan- 7:00pm

The Albany are inviting people with great ideas for local projects to make a short pitch for your support. You pick and vote for your favourite, and some lucky virtual attendees will get free pizza! This time the projects will all be things that can happen right now, even with social distancing measures in place.

Come along and have your say on a variety of fantastic pitches, which include a interactive sonic postcard series from Simon Scott and Stefan Hanegraaf, a 360° audio/visual piece from Alison D’Souza, Dan Samsa and Ukweli Roach, a socially distant series of outdoor dance sessions from Ana Coltatu and Luigi Ambrosio and an online workshop for teens with Autism from Philip Simon.

If you live in a SE8, SE14 or SE15 you will be in with a chance of winning a free pizza on the night, so you can eat and vote at the same time! Gluten free and dairy free options will be available, we will ask for your dietary requirements if you are successful in the lottery.

They usually hold these free parties in person at the Albany, but for now we’re going digital again so that everyone can take part. We held our first digital Pizza and Pitches Party during lockdown and it went really well, with Amaarah Roze winning the money for her brilliant idea The Miscellaneous Black Journey Into Britain, coming soon to local schools.

Here are the four amazing pitches that have been chosen.

Deptford Sonic Postcards

Sound designer Simon Scott and photographer Steff Hanegraaf propose a series of sonic post cards for The Albany website and social media that record the atmosphere, sounds, musical notes and residents’ voices, and support local businesses too.

360° audio/video piece

Artists Alison D’Souza, Dan Samsa, Ukweli Roach present an online 360° audio/video piece that incorporates dance and viola and will explore themes within the music and dance that are related to the history and culture of Deptford.

Outdoor socially distant park dance sessions

Dancers Ana Coltatu and Luigi Ambrosioare will be proposing an outdoor dance party in a silent disco style, that’s open to all regardless of dance ability. A short film will be created also be created.

Online workshops for teens with Autism

Presented by experienced facilitator Philip Simon, this project intends to provide teens age 12-16 diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder a creative outlet to experience music and investigate how music empowers each participant to explore their own creativity.

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19 Jan 2021


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