Plays by Post

Plays by Post is a global strand to Connecting Beyond Borders and is supported by Arts Council England. It is a 12-week outreach project focusing on making new international plays and theatre accessible to artists and audiences in the UK in a time when physical connection across borders is impossible.

The project is an international play-club from the safety of your home, where a group of participants read the same plays over the course of 12 weeks, explore theatre-making from the countries involved through online workshops, sharing ideas with each other, and engaging in a panel discussion with the international writer, translator and British director on zoom webinars. Connecting online is a powerful tool, but the act of receiving a physical gift in these times also encourages community, hope and togetherness.

​Participants will sign up to the project for free and receive six international plays by post, with a two-week reading period for each, consisting of an online workshop for that particular play and culture, as well as an online panel discussion with the writer and team behind the UK publication. The project will end with a webinar including all participants, writers and directors/translators, discussing the importance of international connections and how we can collaborate across borders during the COVID-19 crisis.


​Deadline for signing up is 28th May at 6pm GMT.

Applicants will be selected and hear back on June 1st and receive their first play the following week.

The first workshop will start on 13th June and will be every other Saturday morning for an hour.

Q&A Panels will be hosted on alternating Fridays from 19th June and will be in the evening.

Published on:
15 May 2020


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