Playwrights First competition- International submissions welcome – $1000 first place

Founded in 1993 by Carolyn French, a highly successful literary agent, Playwrights First is an organization which recognizes, rewards and advances playwrights of unusual promise.

The judges of our annual contest are made up of actors, directors, producers, playwrights, teachers, authors, journalists, lawyers and business people. They believe that drama is a literary form that is fully realized in performance. In this respect, their mission to support playwrights extends beyond the boundaries of our Annual Best New Play Award. They encourage award recipients and finalists alike to progress their work and we actively seek additional opportunities for advancement on their behalf.

They look for:       

  •  Imagination and originality in both style and subject or point of view.
  • Characters that intrigue and move us.
  • A compelling action which reveals the human condition.
  • Theatricality inherent in the above.


  • One, single full-length play per playwright in English from anywhere in the world.
  • Not produced full scale prior to submission. Readings, workshops, and college productions are acceptable.
  • No joint authorships, adaptations, translations, musicals, or shorts.​
  • Prize is $1000 and a professional reading in NYC when feasible.


Oct 10, 2020.

Published on:
9 Sep 2020


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