Playwright’s Studio Scotland Playwriting Programmes and Events

Applications are now open for the Playwright’s Studio Scotland Playwriting Programme. Whether you are an aspiring writer, at an early stage in your career or a more established professional playwright, there is a Programme for you.

This year, there is a new addition to the Programme with the Birds of Paradise & Playwrights’ Studio Mentoring Award. Developed in partnership with Birds of Paradise Theatre Company, the Programme offers support to an aspiring disabled playwright living in Scotland.

Mentoring Programme
Deadline: 30 September 2020

A professional development opportunity for aspiring and emerging playwrights to develop a new play in a supported environment. Improve your playwriting skills and gain valuable insight into the playwriting process and profession.


Birds of Paradise & Playwrights’ Studio Mentoring Award
Deadline: 30 September 2020

A new opportunity, created in partnership with Birds of Paradise, to support an aspiring disabled playwright. Do you have an exciting and strong idea and would benefit from time, resources and expertise to flourish?


New Playwrights Awards
Deadline: 30 September 2020

A professional development opportunity for early career playwrights living in Scotland. This will give you the time, space and financial support to develop your work.

Duais airson Sgrìobhadh
Dràma Gàidhlig
Ceann-là: 30 Sultain 2020

Is e cothrom leasachaidh phroifeiseanta ùr a tha san Duais airson Sgrìobhadh Dràma Gàidhlig. Tha e fosgailte do sgrìobhaichean-dràma a tha stèidhichte no tràth nan dreuchdan agus a’ fuireach ann an Alba.

Professional Programme
First Deadline: 30 September 2020

A range of support responsive to the needs of experienced mid-career or established professional playwrights.

There will inevitably be some changes to how they deliver Programmes now and in the future. They anticipate that much of the activity in 2020 will not take place face-to-face but will happen online or in alternative ways. They will be flexible to the needs of playwrights and other artists involved, within Government guidelines.




Got a question about the application process? Why not join PSS for an afternoon exploring what it means to be a playwright, and learning more about the different avenues you can take?

Wednesday 9 September
2- 4pm

So you wanna be a playwright?
with Douglas Maxwell

Thought being a playwright was all about writing words on a page? Douglas Maxwell (I Can Go Anywhere, Charlie Sonata) challenges this perception as he delivers a workshop on thinking outside the box, putting on your business head, and becoming rigidly flexible in your career path.


In conversation
with Annie George and Douglas Maxwell

Following the workshop, new Playwrights’ Studio mentor, Annie George (Home is Not the Place, Twa), joins Douglas to discuss the benefits of working with others in the development of your plays and your career.


Published on:
19 Aug 2020


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