Playwrights Studio Scotland- Skills Share Lunches



Wed, 30 March 2022

13:00 – 14:00 BST

Skills Share Lunches is a new monthly session created by playwrights to share their knowledge and skills with other playwrights.
About this event
For each session, playwrights have contacted us looking for the opportunity to discuss approaches they’ve found successful to help share practical knowledge within the sector.

For the first session actress, writer and voice artist Mary Jane Wells ( shares her experience of extending the reach of her play Heroine. Originally written for stage, the play has since been adapted into an audio book, an audio drama and a radio play, moving the story across platforms and formats.

Join Mary Jane to learn more about opening new avenues for income and creating opportunities for plays to live long and varied lives. How can you move across media with a story and what are the implications for you as the playwright? Register now to find out more.

Published on:
28 Mar 2022


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