Power Play Theatre- Site Specific Commission

Power Play are on the search for a female-identifying or non-binary writer to create and develop a new play set and staged site-specifically in a real nail bar/beauty salon. They are interested in exploring a nail/beauty salon because of its resonance as a space of unusual intimacy, female community, and shared storytelling. What happens when people come into contact during the intimate beauty ritual of having their nails done? What words are said or left unspoken, as feet and hands are washed and tended to by a relative stranger? What are the stories of the customers and/or beauticians?
Nail salons often encapsulate many of the power dynamics, prejudices and challenges we face in contemporary society, such as race, class, worker exploitation, female beauty standards and consumerism. Power Play are looking to find a writer who will engage with one or any of these pressing, timely themes to create a lively, bold and original piece of storytelling. Through situating a story in a nail salon they hope to attract fresh new audiences, particularly young women (aged 16-25).


  • This would be approximately one hour in length with a small cast.
  • They would consider the successful show for a run at the Edinburgh Fringe 2021 and/or London run in 2021. The writer’s fee for this would be in line with Equity guidelines.


6pm on 4th MAY 2020



Published on:
13 Mar 2020


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