PROJEKT EMPOWER- mentoring for migrant artists

PROJEKT EMPOWER is a unique mentorship programme specifically aimed at supporting migrant theatre makers at the beginning of their UK careers. Are you a first generation migrant theatre maker? Are you at the beginning of your career? Do you feel like you could benefit from being mentored by a fellow migrant artist to support your development?

They will match 10 emerging migrant artists with the country’s most successful migrant theatre makers and over five months they will support and empower them to become leading change makers of the future. In addition to being paired with a mentor, they will also match the mentees of 2023 with a mentee from 2022 for an extra boost of peer-to-peer support and inspiration.


Friday April 28th 2023

Published on:
11 Apr 2023
Opportunity deadline:
28 Apr 2023


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