QUEER ALL ABOUT IT commissions aim to showcase and develop new LGBTQ+ writing, and to explore and celebrate diverse LGBTQ+ experiences.

These commissions will be selected through open submission call outs, and the winning submissions will receive feedback and further script development, a £500 fee and will have their writing turned into a creative short film that we will share across our networks and platforms.

The second commission theme is in response to the theme ‘My Queer Family’. Green Carnation recognise that family can mean many things to LGBTQ+ people, both positive and negative. They are looking for new scripts that celebrate different LGBTQ+ ideas of ‘family’. This could explore different forms of LGBTQ+ parenting (biological, adopted and foster parents), or it can explore the idea of our ‘chosen’ families versus our biological ones, or it could explore the relationships between different LGBTQ+ family members.

They are looking for scripts that are ultimately positive. We are looking to celebrate how we, as LGBTQ+ people, define and redefine just what family means to us.

They are looking for script submissions written for one performer, between 5 and 8 minutes in length.  They can be something you’ve already been working on (but is yet to be performed), or they can be written specifically for the commission.

They actively encourage submissions from writers from LGBTQ+ and other diverse backgrounds. We are particularly excited for ideas that can give new, different or unexpected perspectives. As the project is funded by Arts Council England to support UK artists, they can only accept submissions from UK-based writers.


​Submissions Open: Mon 29 June 2020
Submissions Close: Fri 17 July 2020
Decision: Fri 24 July 2020
Film release: August 2020


If your script is successfully selected, you will receive a fee of £500 (split between two payments upon commission and completion). You will then develop your script over two weeks working with dramaturg and Green Carnation co-artistic director Dan Jarvis.

The script will then be developed into a short film, directed by Green Carnation co-artistic director Dan Ellis and produced by Bloody Bandit films.

The short film will then be freely released and publicised through Green Carnation’s platforms and networks. It will be accompanied by an informative video discussing the themes through interviews with creative team, community and charity experts, and public responses.



Published on:
30 Jun 2020


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