Free (Booking Needed
Online via Zoom
Recommended for ages 18+
Running 60 minutes
Experience level – if you’re alive, you have the experience required.
The workshop will be an inclusive space for LGBTQ+ people. Looking after your mental wellbeing whilst exploring your own story is important, so if you need to, please check out the support offered online at mind.org.uk
Spaces are limited, first come first served.
This event will be captioned.

A workshop about telling your own story in written and performative contexts delivered by award-winning theatre maker and activist Nathaniel Hall.

OK, so you’ve lived life, like really LIVED it, and part of you is yearning to tell other people your story. It might be a painful or traumatic experience, it might be a moment of pure joy and hilarity… the reality; it’s probably full of both.

In this workshop award-winning writer, performer and activist Nathaniel Hall (First Time, It’s A Sin, Radiotherapy and Me) will explore the complexities and challenges of living his own life as a gay man with HIV in the public eye.

The workshop will interrogate the reasons why you want to tell your story and the purpose that telling it will serve. After all, it might be your story, but once you’ve told it, it becomes everybody’s. You’ll need a story to tell. It might be yours, it might be someone else’s, but it needs to be real. The workshop will be a safe space for sharing, but you won’t have to share publicly if you’re not yet ready to do so.

You might know the medium you wish to tell your story in, and every approach and art-form is welcome, but in this workshop exercises will either be oral or written based.



Published on:
26 Mar 2021


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