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I know how lucky I am to be at Red Ladder. On my way here, I was also lucky to be able to tap into paid residencies. A string of venues and their talent development programmes. And spaces to learn how to create all kinds of theatre, from large-scale community pieces to solo shows. I recently realised that almost every path I had to find a way into the profession is now closed. A lot of studio spaces and venues have had to close post-lockdown, a lot of venues have had to curtail outreach and development because of lost revenue, and the paid residencies that were thick on the ground when I started are now rare.

I want to give back a little of what I was given when I was starting out. So Red Ladder is adding new courses, led by me, in writing, acting and directing, starting next month. All the sessions in Leeds will be open to anyone from West Yorkshire wanting to have a go, although the acting course will especially welcome those who have already been part of our Red Grit or 2023-24 acting courses. And the online course is open to everyone, anywhere!

At the end of all three courses, we’ll hold a showcase that friends and family and others from the theatre industry can attend – and talent hunt.  We’ll be talent hunting ourselves, to look for future collaborators, or those who might be able to take up opportunities at Red Ladder.

Here is a brief summary of the courses.

Writing: in person and online.

🖊️ Starting from real life

🖊️ Creating multi-layered characters

🖊️ What makes good dialogue

🖊️ Different approaches to structure


📣 Devising

📣 Tackling text

📣 How to structure rehearsals

📣 How to brief and work with designers and collaborators

📣 Working with actors

📣 A public showcase


🎭 How to free yourself to take risks

🎭 Working with new writing

🎭 A public showcase

To find out more and apply Opening up new paths into acting, directing and writing by Cheryl Martin – Red Ladder Theatre Company

Published on:
23 May 2024


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