Roar call out for Kent-based artists- The Marlowe

A brave world: full of religion, knavery and change, we shall shortly see better days.”
Aphra Behn (Kent-born playwright) 1682.

This summer/autumn season, The Marlowe’s artist development programme, Roar, will be focusing on early development of the broadest range of ideas, early drafts and work-in-progress from across their region. The work can be text-based, physical, realistic or conceptual. It can be of any scale and any performance style.

They are offering a week of funded research and development, culminating in the opportunity to present work-in-progress on stage on Sunday 27 October, in a public Roar showcase. It could be a performed section of a new play, a show-and-tell of an idea, or an early prototype try-out.

You will have professional mentoring and support and the opportunity to work together with the creative and production teams at The Marlowe. Support for selected projects will be tailored to individual requirements, but may include:

• Dramaturgical support
• Creative and Production support
• Technical advice and support
• Actors/performers
• Rehearsal spaces and resources


Friday 19 July 2019.



Published on:
17 Jul 2019


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