Royal Court- Introduction to Playwriting groups

The Introduction to Playwriting Groups are an opportunity for writers with little or no experience and lots of raw talent and big ideas to think more deeply about writing for theatre alongside a group of their peers, guided by experienced, produced playwrights.

This is not a course, toolkit or instruction manual but offers an insight into the approach & practices of a leading playwrights over 8 group sessions and an invitation to write in the most courageous way you can, whilst being supported by the lead writer and the other group members.

At the end the writers are invited to submit a play and offered detailed feedback from the playwright/s leading the group and the literary team.

There is no fee to take part and applicants must be aged 18 or over and based in the UK or Ireland.


Currently they plan to run a group from October 2021 and another two groups in early 2022. They hope the October group will take place at the Royal Court Theatre. One of the 2022 groups will take place entirely online. Priority for this group will be given to those who would prefer this option in order to access the group most fully.

Each group runs for eight weeks and sessions are in the evening and last 2 hours.



Wednesday 28 July at midday.

They will let you know on or before Friday 17 September 


Introduction to Playwriting Groups

Published on:
8 Jul 2021
Opportunity deadline:
28 Jul 2021


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