Royal Court Theatre London- accepting script by post

If you are a writer and would like to send thr Royal Court a script for consideration, then the Literary Office is your first port of call. The Royal Court programmes original plays that investigate the problems and possibilities of our time. They are looking for outstanding plays which are formally or thematically original and are unlikely to be produced elsewhere.



  • They do not accept one act plays or multiple submissions.
  • Please do not send screenplays, novels, collections of poems or radio plays as the Royal Court does not programme adaptations from other forms.
  • They will not read historical or biographical plays and are unlikely to programme new musicals unless these have been commissioned by the theatre
  • Unfortunately, they cannot consider resubmissions or new drafts of plays they have read and responded to


All English language scripts submitted to the theatre are booked in and distributed to readers, as appropriate, from the Literary Office. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of your script, generally by email. This can take up to three weeks depending on the current quantity of submissions. The scripts are then read by a team of professional playwrights and directors, the senior in-house readers and/or the Literary Manager.

The reader’s report forms the basis of a recommendation to the Literary Manager and, where appropriate, may lead to consideration of the script by the senior Artistic Team and/or additional support for play development through workshops, attachments or readings.


Published on:
2 May 2019


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