Science Fiction Festival 2019

Horatio Productions are running the 2nd edition of their Science Fiction Theatre Festival from the 27 May – 1st June at Pleasance Theatre in London. They are looking for groundbreaking short science fiction plays, for writers coming from all walks of life, for daring and innovative creators, for new ideas, revolutionary dreams, crazy stories, for the bold, the daring, and the unique.


Entry requirements 

  • Length: Up to 15 minutes per play.

  • Cast: Up to 4 performers.

  • Set restrictions: The stage will be shared with several other companies; time for setting up will be minimal, so don’t submit anything that involves complicated set design, or too many props.

  • Submission limit: Writers can submit as many plays as they want. They aim to read all the material sent, and to get back to every applicant in due time.


28th of February

​They will select between 16 and 20 plays, and get back to every writer who has applied. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to provide feedback for all but, if you specifically ask for it, they would try our best to get back to you. Sometimes, if necessary, they will ask writers for edits, but only if there is something that is really needed in order to program the play. Edits are generally related to length, or number of characters.

​Pleas note: This project is currently on a profit share basis. We are currently applying for funding but are not able to confirm if it will come through until a later date.

Published on:
7 Feb 2019


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