Science Fiction Theatre Research Lab- 2019 Meet-ups

Following the 2nd Talos: The Science Fiction Theatre Festival of London in 2018, and the launch of the Science Fiction Theatre Research Lab Cyborphic are resuming their sci-fi theatre meetings in 2019.

They want to bring together playwrights, producers, directors, choreographers, set & costume designers and theatremakers more broadly, as well as scholars and researchers who are interested in science fiction theatre; but also other related genres such as horror and fantasy, as well as science theatre.

In their attempt to promote the genre on stage and explore its potential, we have also created the Internet Science Fiction Theatre Database, the first online database of its kind, and are currently planning more workshops, festivals and events.


First meeting up: 2-4pm on Saturday 11th of May, London Zone One (venue tbc) 

For this meeting, they want to give each participant the spotlight to discuss their interest in the genre and their work.

Published on:
29 Apr 2019


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