Scottish Youth Theatre & Dundee Rep- Making Space

Making Space is a residency programme supporting young artists aged 18 – 25 from across art-forms who want to develop their own theatre performance. The Making Space residency offers time, space and guidance, leading up to a work-in-progress presentation at a high-profile Scottish venue. The residency is open to solo artists or collectives of 2 or 3 aged between 18 – 25, interested in making performance work.
This can be across any genre: in no particular order this could be… devised performance, new writing or re-imagining existing texts, solo performance, spoken word, physical theatre, dance and visual theatre, contemporary circus [although aerial work is not possible at this time], live art, durational performance… and anything in between.

Any theatre maker can apply – you might identify as a performer, director, poet, playwright, choreographer, designer, devisor, live-artist, performance artist… or something else.

The residency at each venue is designed to be flexible to support you and your artistic ambitions. Development space – bookings can be flexible to take into account educational, work or family commitments, provided the project outcomes are met within the timescales set.

A travel budget will be available to help you get to Dundee Rep or Scottish Youth Theatre should you require it, but you should be able to travel to and from the residency easily in one day i.e. no overnight accommodation will be offered.



12 noon Monday 10 December
Interviews will take place at Scottish Youth Theatre on Friday 14 December
To apply you must be available Saturday 12 January for an initial development day in Dundee


If accepted into the residency you will be offered the following between January and April 2019:

  • one-to-one mentoring with multifaceted lead artist Drew Taylor.
  • 12 sessions of dedicated space to experiment, rehearse and test ideas either at Dundee Rep Theatre, or Scottish Youth Theatre, Glasgow – sessions can be sporadic, weekly or provided over an intensive period depending on your availability and the venue’s available space.
  • support from an additional experienced specialist where identified
  • opportunities to develop new relationships with other young theatre makers accepted to Making Space – with additional opportunities to meet other industry professionals
  • the chance to create a work in progress performance which will be programmed as part of Rep Stripped in April 2019
  • marketing and production support for the work-in-progress – a small budget of £50 per residency will be offered


Published on:
13 Nov 2018


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