Scratch Night at JW3

JW3 are pleased to present the fourth installation of JW3’s seasonal scratch night. On 22nd March 2020, 3 writers, theatre-makers or companies will perform 15-20 minutes of new material in a studio space at JW3. The performances will be followed by an informal chance for the artists to kibbitz with the audience over wine.

The scratch night is shortly after Purim and International Women’s Day, so JW3 are celebrating QUEENS. They are looking for theatre, performance and comedy that responds to this theme in any way!

To be considered, please submit a one-page proposal for a new project to present at Scratch @ JW3 as well as a one-page CV for you and/or your company. You are welcome to include any supporting material you like. Please send all proposals to with SCRATCH 4 Submission in the subject.


6pm on 25 October 2019

If your project is selected for the evening, they can offer you:

  • 2 days of rehearsal space at JW3
  • 1.5 hours of tech support on the day
  • an operator for the performance
  • marketing support
  • dramaturgical support
  • Please note, lighting is limited.
  • They also ask that you consider the programming at JW3, which aims to broaden the understanding of Jewish culture, life, and history. You don’t have to be Jewish, or even Jew-ish to apply; they produce work for all audiences that offers a unique and interesting response to Jewish culture and/or themes such as identity, faith, culture, diaspora and others. They are excited by new connections, pushing boundaries, and diverse conversations.
Published on:
8 Oct 2019


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