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Every year, Playwrights’ Studio, Scotland supports projects generated and led by playwrights themselves. This set of supports is self designed and delivered, so is most suitable for playwrights who have had experience of professional practise i.e. mid-career or experienced playwrights. They normally consider this to be artists who have had at least two professional productions paid at industry rates (though there are some exceptions – please check here if you would not otherwise be eligible). Other opportunities are available for playwrights who have less experience and would benefit from more structured support.

The projects they provide resource to generally either:

  • contribute to an artist’s professional development
  • contribute to the development of a piece of live performance
  • create a new opportunity for collaboration (across artform, international boundaries or geographical distances)
  • further an artist’s practice in a way that would be hard for them to otherwise resource

You can apply for the following type of activity up to £4,000; if you’d like in kind support from Playwrights’ Studio, Scotland, this can be added on top of this sum. The total budget for 2021/22 is £16K.

  • Fees (to cover your time and that of any collaborators, or a course)
  • Finances to cover physical costs like space hire, per diems, or equipment
  • In-kind support (space, logistics, administrative


Playwrights’ Studio, Scotland does not commission or produce work; as a result, they cannot offer funds to substitute commissioning or production fees, nor for artists to self-commission or top up commission payments from a theatre.

Therefore they are not able to support in part, or sum, the following:

  • Commission fees for a new play (though you can apply to pay yourself for writing or thinking time as part, or whole, of an application)
  • The costs of producing a play
  • Plays that have already been produced or received significant script development elsewhere
  • Skills Sessions
  • The skills sessions are optional group activities available to you as a playwright currently being supported by Playwrights’ Studio. These often take the form of workshops, Q&A’s and panel discussions.

Playwrights’ Studio will create space for you to make connections with peers within the industry. This includes the Playwright Induction Day, a group visit to the theatre, invitations to meet other practitioners in Scottish theatre and social events with other playwrights.

To be eligible for a Self-led Project, you should be:

A mid-career or established playwright who has had at least two professional productions paid at industry rates

A playwright who meets the criteria detailed criteria detailed here
Resident in Scotland

They are unable to accept applications from playwrights who:

  • Are in full-time formal education (i.e. 16 hours or more per week).
  • Have directly received support from Playwrights’ Studio in the previous 18 months (this doesn’t include attending workshops or groups run by us).


Key dates
You will be able to set specific dates for your project. Below is a rough timeline of group activity.

14 January Playwright Induction Day
18 February Skills session 1
18 March Skills session 2
22 April Skills session 3
August/September Skills session 4


First applications deadline: 5pm, Thursday 14 October 2021

Second applications deadline: 5pm,Monday 31 January 2022

Published on:
17 Sep 2021
Opportunity deadline:
14 Oct 2021


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