Sensory Theatre Bursaries for Black Creatives

There are 3 bursaries available. If successful, each bursary recipient will receive £650 to put towards (but not limited to) the cost of accessing training, networking events, purchasing books or materials related to developing skills in sensory theatre.

This fund is open to Black creatives (including Black Mixed Race creatives), who are based in the UK, that have an interest in developing skills and experience in sensory theatre. This fund is for newcomers to sensory theatre and it is encouraged that people from any and all backgrounds apply. Including teachers, artists, musicians, theatre-makers, community organisers and carers, to name a few. There is no age limit on this fund.

This fund was developed and fundraised by Natalya Martin, with support from Oily Cart, Frozen Light, Attenborough Arts Centre and many more fantastic freelancers.



ALL applicants will be contacted whether successful or not, week commencing: 8TH MARCH 2021

The 3 successful applicants will also be paired up with a ‘sensory friend’. The role of the ‘sensory friend’ is to be a point of contact for you, if you have any questions, thoughts or just want a bit of advice.

Any other support or opportunities that can be offered by the ‘sensory friend’ you are paired with, will be up to their discretion and will not be related to the sensory theatre bursaries. Whom you are paired with will depend on where you are located.



Published on:
20 Jan 2021


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