Shakespeare’s Globe- Process for commissioning new works

As the theatre enters its 22nd year, the process of commissioning and developing new work is getting a shake-up. Shakespeare wrote his plays specifically for the Lord Chamberlain’s Men and for the playhouses they performed in, and once they had passed the censor then it was left to the audience to decide their worth.

The Globe want to take this as their guide: to work with writers and produce exciting new plays written bespoke to the architecture they will be performed in. They will give writers the space and time to work with the academics and research team, spend time with actors, see plays in the Globe theatres, experiment with and learn from the architectural playing conditions of these two theatres, the practitioners who work in them, and ultimately write a play bespoke to those theatres.


How to develop a play for Shakespeare’s Globe

Shakespeare’s Globe does not accept unsolicited scripts. Instead they want to support writers as you develop your plays bespoke to their playhouses.Instead send the pitch, invite them to your shows, or rehearsed readings, or send scripts you’ve written in the past.

If you would like to invite Shakespeare’s Globe to see your work performed please email The subject line should read: Invitation/Pitch (New Writing).


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Published on:
29 Mar 2019


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