Silent Uproar- commitment to writer support in the North

Silent Uproar stand in solidarity with freelance artists at this time of great uncertainty – they are therefore investing over 50% of their charity reserves to deliver this programme.

They’ll be launching an open script submission window on their website. They wish to use this as an opportunity to build relationships with writers so they can get to know them and their work better. This will help them understand how we can best collaborate in the future/what support they  can give.

They are looking to support writers who:

  • Were born, raised and/or live in the North of England.
  • Have already completed one full-length production (up to 60+ mins) and/or one full-length commission.
  • Whose identity is currently under-represented in modern theatre.
  • Could work well with us as a company and are interested in their style of work (please see our Artistic Policy for more info).

​Silent Uproar will get back to every writer that applies via the open script submission window. Every script will be read by Silent Uproar’s small core team, and our script reading team made up of associate artists.


Writer Care Package

​The playwright will be sent a box of goodies including- a t-shirt, a secret hull-themed present, and a grant for £300 to be spent however they wish. Whatever they think would be most useful to help their career- It could go towards a new laptop, seeing some theatre shows, or their rent.

On top of this we they also be readily available with a bit of dramaturgical support. If that’s just having someone read over a draft you’re working on, using some of their office space, or booking out some rehearsal space to work on something- they are open to responding to those writers’ needs.


Year long writer support

Silent Uproar will offer a small selection of writers’ year-long support to develop a script with them. The writers will receive regular 1-to-1 support and most importantly cash.

This is not a commission, they are not expecting writers to create finished scripts ready for rehearsals. At the end of the attachment the writer’s scripts will be considered by Silent Uproar to be commissioned for one of their touring programmes. If a script is selected the writer will receive an additional commissioning fee – to acknowledge the time it takes to prepare a play to be ready for rehearsals. If Silent Uproar does not have the capacity to produce the script, the writer will retain the rights to the piece so that they can submit the work to other organisations.

Published on:
3 Aug 2020


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