Skills Share Lunch with Debbie Hannan

Skills Share Lunch with
Debbie Hannan

Thursday 23 June


Skills Share Lunches is a new monthly session created by artists to share their knowledge and skills with playwrights. For each session, artists share approaches they’ve found successful to negotiate creative and pragmatic challenges in the industry, helping share practical knowledge within the sector. From increasing the reach of your story across platforms and formats to negotiating theatre structures, each session offers insight to support playwrights in their careers and development.

For this month’s session, director Debbie Hannan joins us to talk about different models for collectively developing work for theatre. Debbie will discuss the writers’ room method from Stockroom and other models for co-creation across roles. They will speak about how to get the most out of the writer-director relationship and keep it creative.


Skills Share Lunch 3 (

Published on:
16 Jun 2022


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