Slackline Stories- for female-identifying playwrights


Slackline Productions is now accepting submissions for Slackline Stories, a new writing night to be held in London on 26th May, 2019.

Slackline wants to redress the balance in the stories being told and who’s telling them- working with female-identifying playwrights to offer new-writing plays that have female characters at their heart, focusing most specifically on stories of women aged 35+.


submissions until 31st March or until we have 150 scripts, whichever comes first, so don’t delay! 



Entry Guidelines 

  • Playwrights who identify as female
  • 10-15 minute plays or excerpts of plays
  • 2-3 handers
  • At least one strong female character aged 35+
  • Should not have been professionally performed or published
  • Great stories- the plays don’t have to be political, nor do they have to be female-only.

 What you get:

  • Time in a rehearsal room with actors and a director
  • Your script performed for an audience (with the chance to ask for audience feedback on the night if you choose)
  • Written audience feedback to be collected by Slackline on the evening
  • An established industry mentor- announcements soon


Please send submissions to Subject: Slackline Stories Submission with your name, but please leave your name off of the actual script.

Published on:
14 Mar 2019


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