SLAMSoaps- develop a new work LIVE at the Boulevard Theatre

SLAM is offering the opportunity for you to develop a new work LIVE at the Boulevard Theatre in London’s West End. With the winner receiving a full staging. Five writers will be selected to show the elusive ‘First 10 Pages’. SLAM will give you feedback in the run up, as well as the opportunity to play and develop your script with actors.

Here’s the challenge: those 5 writers will then have 10 minutes on the night of the event to impress a live audience with their opening because the audience will vote for their favourite. There can only be 1 winner. The remaining writers will pitch to an industry panel: who will pick a second writer to go through.

These two writers voted through will present their next 10 minutes. Alongside three new contestants. The feedback and rehearsals continue. But now some are fighting to be put through for part 3 of their script and others are fighting for part 2.

And so it goes until Across 5 nights. Until the grand finale  in which the three writers who stacked up the most amount of minutes will go head to head and the audience will vote for ONE winner who will have their whole piece staged at Boulevard Theatre on 19th July 2020.


  • an existing script, minimum of 60 pages, maximum cast of 6, that you are looking to develop.
  • All writers will be given proper feedback on their scripts.
  • Writers will be given a minute to pitch their play for votes at the end of each performance.



9th March 2020

You must be available on performance dates 5th & 19th April, 3rd & 17th May, 21st June, 5th July & 19th July 2020.

Published on:
11 Feb 2020


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