Society for Theatre Research Grants

Is there an element within your research topics that deals with an aspect of the British theatre which would make it eligible? Topics considered include buildings, people, historical or contemporary concerns, theories and practices, and all kinds of performance arts, as long as there is a connection with theatre in Britain or British theatre people.

The society invites all engaged in theatre research to apply – for example you may be an early career academic needing help with a particular piece of research, or an independent scholar digging up traces of local theatre or performers, in which case the Research Grants would be suitable for you, or a theatre practitioner engaged in practical research on an aspect of performance practice, in which case you might apply for one of the Practitioner Grants.


Research grants for scholars investigating aspects of the British theatre requiring access to archives, collections, specific sites or people, or help with compiling and disseminating original research. These grants are available for academic and non-academic researchers alike, though the standard of work expected will be equivalent to post-graduate level.

Grants range from £200 to £1,000, as contributions to the cost of research.

Deadline 24 March 2023


Practitioner research and development grants: a number of grants of £200 each will be made available later this year to support those practitioners who are working in the UK to facilitate British and British-related theatre projects. These grants are a development of the programmes ran in 2020 and 2021.

Applications open: 13 February 2023
Applications close: 7 April 2023

Published on:
31 Jan 2023


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