Soho Theatre- Writers Lab (16-26)

Soho Theatre has played a unique and award-winning role in the development of new writing in Britain for more than 40 years.

If you’re aged 16-26 the Writers’ Lab gives you the chance to develop and refine your writing voice. Joining the Writers Lab costs a fee of £150 but bursaries and half bursaries are available (see here for details)

Meeting once a month, on Tuesday evenings and Saturdays from 14 October to June, each Lab session offers support, motivation and guidance from  course leaders and members of Soho’s Artistic Team.

The course is designed to help writers create a new full length play/piece of theatre over a 9 month, 3 draft, process to submit to the Soho Theatre’s  Tony Craze Award.

Previous winners include:
Birthright by Adam Narat (2016)
Fury by Phoebe Eclair-Powell (2015)
A Life of Cardboard by Iskandar Sharazuddin (2014)
In Your Image by Gemma Copping (2013)
Bitch Boxer by Charlotte Josephine (2012)

Deadline: Sunday 13th August (6pm)

How to submit

Via link at

Published on:
28 Jul 2017


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