Starting Blocks 2020 – call for submissions from Camden People’s Theatre

Applications are now open for CPT’s annual artist support scheme Starting Blocks: a creative community for developing new theatre work.

Starting Blocks invites artists to create innovative new projects with CPT’s support, as part of a peer network encouraging collaboration and engagement between participants. Over ten weeks, participants meet weekly to share practice, ideas and their developing works. They are given space to develop their project and practice, tailored mentoring, and a small materials budget.

The scheme runs January to March 2020, allowing time for participants to develop works-in-progress to be shown at CPT’s Sprint festival in March 2020.



  • They’re  looking for shows the like of which they’ve never seen before: new work, new ways of making theatre, new experiences for audiences.
  • Please familiarise yourself with CPT’s artistic priorities; more info here.
  • They are looking for bold, innovative theatre and performance from early-career artists, particularly where it engages with issues of cultural, social or political currency.


Published on:
6 Aug 2019


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