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Are you a performance based artist or company looking to get away for a week?

ARC can offer you free accommodation and workspace for one week, to enable you to get away and embrace some fresh thinking along with some North East air. ARC Getaways can be used for research and development processes, rehearsals, writing or thinking time – whatever you need to do to help you further your artistic practice or process. There are no requirements to share work, although you are welcome to host a sharing if that’s useful for you.

ARC Getaways are available for performance based artists and companies whose work or practice is aligned with the ARC artistic policy. They are keen to use ARC Getaways to introduce new artists to the organisation, particularly those who are currently under-represented in our programme.

ARC has a variety of workspaces available including meeting rooms and performance spaces. They will try to give you exclusive use of the same space all week.

Accommodation will be provided in the ARC House.

There is no set deadline. ARC Getaways are available on a rolling basis subject to availability.


ARC Getaways – ARC | Stockton Arts Centre (

Published on:
30 Aug 2023


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