Studio Salford Development week

Have you got a script laying dormant on your hard-drive or gathering dust in a drawer?
Have you always wanted to write something but don’t know where to get it staged?
Studio Salford Development Week is the answer!

Development Week is free to get involved in. There are absolutely no performance fees, technical fees or any hidden costs. The studio-space is kindly donated by the lovely Kings Arms Theatre – they collect donations during the week to help cover the costs of the event.


  • Tell them if you want to put on a reading / performance of your script. Rehearsed readings work particularly well and they’re much easier to put together.
  • Technical requirements (lights / sound etc) MUST be a bare minimum to zero. If you need complicated tech for your show, you need to provide a technician who knows your play, as get-in / get-out time will be very short.
  • You’ll need to cast it, direct it and produce it.
  • Your audience will be given a feedback form that they can fill in at the end of your performance and that feedback goes directly to you
  • For rehearsed readings, they don’t sell tickets, but there is a donations bucket for your audience.
  • They can help – we’ve got a great network of actors you might be able to approach. We also know directors and producers who might be able to help you.

Published on:
13 Sep 2019


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