Talawa Café – Endings and Redrafts

Talawa Cafés are regular meetings by Zoom where you are invited to meet with the Talawa team, access their expertise, explore ideas, and share experiences, hopes and ambitions with your fellow Black artists and creatives.

Talawa’s New Work Producer, Ifrah Ismael, is hosting a Talawa Café for emerging Black writers to break the blocks around redrafting and creating an ending to your story. As a company with a long history of producing work by Black writers, Talawa is offering two 90 minute Talawa Cafés to help you get the most from your writing.

The two sessions are:

Endings – Thursday 6th August 6pm to 7.30pm
Redrafts – Thursday 13th August 6pm to 7.30pm

What you need

Bring a draft of your own playwriting, perhaps one which hasn’t an ending or which needs redrafting, or both. It’s your work, your questions, your ideas and your conceptions of what good and bad endings are which will drive these interactive sessions. There will be interrogations and provocations to inspire. This will be a space for you to share and support and learn from each other while putting your writing and your work at the centre.



Published on:
23 Jul 2020


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