Talkaoke – an interactive online pop-up talkshow taking over Rich Mix online spaces

Rich Mix in collaboration with East London art collective The People Speak invites artists, cultural organisations, local service providers, audiences, and people from all corners of the community to join them for a discussion on:

How can the arts and cultural sector respond to the needs of their communities?

Talkaoke Online is an interactive talk-show, utilising 23 years of experience in articulating the collective imagination. There’s no pre-assigned agenda and it is up to the participants to decide on the subjects with support from the Host. Connecting from The People Speak studio in Poplar, Rich Mix have set up multiple screens to reflect the 360 degree experience of a real life Talkaoke table. They use instant visualisations to provide a secondary communication channel. The session will be video-documented and the footage made public on The People Speak website under the Creative Commons License.

Join anytime between 12-2PM via Zoom and for a live stream on Rich Mix’s Facebook. They can facilitate participation via Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts or telephone

TUE 5 MAY, 12-2PM


Published on:
27 Apr 2020


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