Tamasha- Matinee Club

Join Tamasha at a weekday matinee, meet the team and get personalised career advice in the bar beforehand.

A new initiative exclusively for members of the Tamasha Developing Artists network, Matinee Club is your chance to enjoy a show with members of the Tamasha team, including their Producer and Artistic Director.

Meet Tamasha informally and ask any questions you might have about how they work, or get general advice about your career. It’s a new idea which they hope to run several times each year.


The first Matinee Club will take place on Thursday 15 November, seeing ear for eye, the new show by debbie tucker green at the Royal Court Theatre, London.


Fri 19 October

Producer Debo Adebayo and Artistic Director Fin Kennedy will be attending the 2.30pm matinee. They will be offering 20-minute advice slots from 1.30pm in the Royal Court bar for up to six artists.

Attendance at Matinee Club is free, though you will have to buy your own ticket to the show.


To apply please go to http://www.tamasha.org.uk/matinee-club/


Published on:
16 Oct 2018


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