Tamasha Playwrights 2021/22

Tamasha Playwrights, founded by Artistic Director Fin Kennedy in 2014, is Tamasha’s flagship programme, a writer-led collective of emerging playwrights from global majority backgrounds. The programme has gone from strength to strength, with a strong track record of launching careers.

With Fin stepping down as our AD, this year will be a little different as the group will be under the guidance of two incredible forces of nature: Iman Qureshi (THE FUNERAL DIRECTOR) and Satinder Chohan (MADE IN INDIA).

The aims of Tamasha Playwrights are:

  • to offer long-term career development in a supportive environment to emerging playwrights from culturally diverse backgrounds.
  • to develop, guide and shape playwrights in the art of theatre writing by offering craft-based sessions.
  • to further train playwrights on self-producing, fundraising, facilitation and project management.
  • to support and encourage members to be the creative leads on their own project ideas, and to empower them to make a living as artists in between play commissions.
  • to guide the writers in writing a new play idea and offering a showcase opportunity of this work to the wider theatre industry.

What you’ll get out of this programme

  • Mentoring and support through structured workshops/sessions every fortnight over the period of 10 months (starting this autumn)
  • A £500 bursary and allotted writing time
  • Dramaturgical support on a new script
  • The chance to be part of our 2021/22 Tamasha Playwrights scratch festival



6pm on Tuesday 31 August 2021.



Published on:
3 Aug 2021
Opportunity deadline:
31 Aug 2021


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