Technical Theatre Staff Support Fund

Richard T Parr is organizing this fundraiser.

‘Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, freelance technical theatre staff across the country have found themselves out of work and hugely out of pocket. Friends and colleagues past and present find themselves unable to receive funding through the HMRC self employment support scheme and most will have no work for months to come. Whilst other branches within the industry appear able to access funding through bodies such as Arts Council England, it appears that the freelance staff that the industry relies on are slipping through the cracks and finding themselves experiencing serious hardship. We are on the verge of losing many workers from the industry who simply cannot afford to sit it out and wait for the restart.

From Production managers right through to recently graduated scenic artists, the whole body of freelance staff need support.’

This fund is set up to help everyone as many people as possible. Be it a months rent payment, groceries or larger support to ensure staff are ready and available to get back to the amazing work they do when it is safe to do so.

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Published on:
20 May 2020


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