The Alfred Fagon Award

2015 Awards

Best New Play of the Year – Award Eligibility and Criteria

The Award is open to any playwright of Caribbean or African descent, resident in the UK, for the best, original new stage play in English.

Plays must be full length.

The play does not need to have been produced.  However, if it has, only plays produced since August 2014 will be considered.

Each submitted play must be accompanied by a CV, confirming the writer’s Caribbean and/or African heritage and residency in the UK along with a brief synopsis of the play. (The CV must also include an email address and a contact telephone number).

Each entrant can submit only one play. A play may also be nominated by a third party with the writer’s consent (e.g. via an agent)

Television, radio plays and film scripts will not be considered.

New as well as established writers are encouraged to enter.

Two hard copies of your script should be sent to: Pauline Walker, The Alfred Fagon Award, c/o Talawa Theatre Company, 53-55 East Road, London, N1 6AH.

An electronic copy of the play should also be sent by email to

IMPORTANT: Please use the checklist to confirm you have included all relevant items in your submission.

Deadline for all entries: Midday, Monday, 3 August 2015.

Judging and Prize

The Award is given to the best new play judged by the Selection Committee.

The winning writer wins £6,000.

Selection Committee for 2015:
Anton Phillips (Chair)
Brian Walters (National Theatre)
Oladipo Agbolouaje (Playwright)
Olusola Oyeleye (Theatre Director)
Sheelagh Killeen (co-Treasurer and Trustee Alfred Fagon Award)
Joan Ann Maynard (Actor)
Anthony Lennon (Assistant Director)
Dr. Judith Malone-Fagon

All applicants will be notified by email of their entry’s safe arrival. No correspondence will be entered into between the Selection Committee and applicants.

Only shortlisted writers will be contacted in early November 2015.

The writer of the winning play will be announced at The Alfred Fagon Award ceremony in late November 2015.

The Alfred Fagon Award for Best New Play of the Year is supported by The Peggy Ramsay Foundation

Published on:
23 Jul 2015


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