The Audio and Radio Emergency Fund

The Audio and Radio Emergency Fund has been created to help those in the radio and audio sector who are facing hardship because of the coronavirus crisis.

The urgent need to provide support for freelancers and other individuals who are the lifeblood of radio, podcasts, and audiobooks, has brought together the Radio Academy, AudioUK, the BBC, Audible, ReelWorld and Folder Media to create the new Fund.

The scheme will give grants of up to £1,000 to individuals who need extra support during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as those in hardship who are receiving no government assistance; people who need help with radio or audio development projects, or those who need new equipment or software.

How will it work:

Funding will operate on a rolling basis. That means we’ll have a new round every week. It will open every Monday at noon and be open for a week at a time. As soon as one round closes, the next opens straight away. This enables us to keep a rolling fund going, and distribute funds as quickly as possible to meet immediate needs.


First round funding open for applications noon: Monday 20th April
First round assessments begin: Monday 27th April
Panel meeting: Tuesday 28th April
Notifications: Wednesday 29th April

The second round opens on Monday 27th April and so on.

It doesn’t matter when you apply in the one-week period, it’s not on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you do not receive funding in the first funding round, you are able to re-apply in the second or future rounds.

They may also make partial funds in any given round, again, you can apply again if needed.


The Fund will also seek to offer non-financial support such as using the Radio Academy and AudioUK’s networks to match skills and services of individuals with places where there may be a demand for them. They can signpost people to online training tools to enable skill development during isolation.

Applications will be treated in the strictest confidence and in the first instance, will only be seen by the Fund Project Manager and the Radio Academy CEO.



The fund must be used for individuals who require additional support as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, such as those who:

  • are in personal hardship and in particular those not eligible for the government’s emergency support measures, or awaiting payment
  • need support for radio or audio development projects
  • need new equipment or software to meet new working practices/demands
  • have lost income from indefinitely postponed or cancelled work, including travel expenses and equipment rental
  • be a UK resident (This is defined as those with the “right to work in the UK” You can have worked on UK or international productions, but your primary residence should be in the UK.)
  • The Fund is open to individuals who are recent active workers in UK-based audio and radio including podcasts and audiobooks. This includes anyone working for a radio station or audio-led production company, or as a freelancer working predominantly in the audio and radio sector.

Audio & Radio Emergency Fund: how to apply

Published on:
29 Apr 2020


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