The Autopsy Award- artists working in Scotland

The Autopsy Award aims to help artists working in Scotland who make boundary-pushing performance work to undertake an Edinburgh Fringe run. It offers a supported deal with a small cash award for the successful artist.


  • Brave experimental performance
  • New work
  • Artists living and working in Scotland
  • Artists who are available to undertake an Edinburgh Fringe run and with the capacity to take advantage of the opportunity to showcase work to press an
  • As well as work which would work in Summerhall spaces, they are also interested in hearing about work which doesn’t fit the classic 1 hour Fringe slot, so if your piece is installation, durational or site-specific, please do still apply


  • The award includes a £4000 budget for the successful artist/s. If we select two companies or artists then each will receive £2000.
  • Summerhall will offer a straight box office split (typically 70% to the company, 30% to the venue) with no minimum guarantee payable to the venue.


10am Monday 20 January 2020.
They will be in touch with the successful applicant/s by Friday 7 February 2020, with the aim being to confirm arrangements with you by Friday 21 February so that we can meet the deadline for discounted Fringe registration.


Autopsy Award

Published on:
9 Jan 2020


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