The Faces of One day- call out for 5-7 min shorts

The Faces of One Day is a unique concept where the protagonist could be anyone sitting in the audience, and are being confronted by the faces they see during one day.  All of the characters in the play are talking to the same person.  Together the writers voices selected will build the life of one person and all the people they face during one day from the moment they wake up to the very end of the day.


  • 5-7 minute monologues, duologues, or plays with up to a maximum of 4 characters
  • The characters are speaking to someone specific, yet no name of the person they are talking to, nor gender, age or details about what the person looks like will be mentioned (to help create the experience that the characters could be talking to anyone)
  • They are looking for a range of characters, with strong voices
  • They are interested in how these characters relate to the mystery protagonist (that the audience will never meet), how do we discover more about this person, through the faces they see and relationships they have with the people in their life? How do we build an idea of who someone is based on the relations of those around them? Who are the people in their life? What secrets do they have? What are the stories that fill their life? How do others feel about them? How do they speak to them? How do they shape them? Respond to our protagonist? Affect our protagonist?
  • They enjoy pieces that evoke emotion;  are comical, dark, moving, provoke etc
  • A piece can either be performed in one go (e.g 7 minute monologue), or if this is a character that may appear several times in a persons day, the piece can be written for different times of that day (e.g 10am – first 2 minutes, 3pm next 2 minutes, 6pm last 4 minutes)
  • The characters can be face to face with our protagonist or be contacting them in another way (e.g voicemail, phone conversation etc)
  • Please include the rough ‘timing’ this person meets with our protagonist (e.g. 8am, morning, lunch time, 4:30pm, midnight… etc).  A location is also welcome.



Saturday 6th July at midnight.

The Faces of One Day will take place at Southwark Playhouse on Monday 29th July, 7pm

Published on:
24 Jun 2019


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