The Future is NOIR curated by Nouveau Riche.

Each week of FFF21 has been curated by Pleasance Associate Artists. First up in week one is The Future is NOIR curated by Nouveau Riche.

The Future is NOIR is curated work that extends the canon of what it means to be Black British and alive right now! Five incredible shows, ushering in the future of nuanced Black British Storytelling.



Workshop: Introduction to Writing – Breaking Down Story Structure
with Nouveau Riche
Sunday 23rd May, 12 midday

This workshop is all about story. If you’re brand new to writing, or trying to begin your play, or you just want to understand how a story is formed then roll through, this workshop is for you.

Workshop: Turning an ad-hoc theatre company into a viable business
with Jonathan Holloway
Tuesday 25th May, 11am

Jonathan will deliver a short account of Red Shift and then take questions on how to create and sustain a successful company. He now works freelance in theatre and broadcasting.

Workshop: How to start your own theatre company
with Nouveau Riche
Tuesday 25th May, 6:30pm

Do you want to start your own theatre company? Unsure of how to begin? Ryan Calais Cameron, Award-winning playwright and Artistic Director of Theatre Company Nouveau Riche, is here to help.


Published on:
20 May 2021


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