The JW3 Arts and Culture programme- looking for new works on Jewish life

The JW3 Arts and Culture programme develops and showcases dynamic new work rooted in community, Jewish life, culture and society.

What to submit:

They are always looking for scripts and performance, particularly, but not limited to, work which offers unique and interesting responses to Jewish culture. They are also interested in work reflecting a broader range of themes such as identity, culture, religion, faith, identity and migration. 

A range of theatre and performance is staged at JW3 including readings, scratch performances and finished productions. They are looking for:

  • New ideas; work that has vision, pushes boundaries, creates conversation and feeds the imagination
  • Cross-form performance
  • New writing (including verbatim, theatre of testimony, adaptation, interactive theatre)
  • Work that is politically and socially engaged
    Pieces that represent a plurality of voices

How to apply:

If you’re interested in submitting a script or a performance, please include:

  • A synopsis
  • a breakdown of the production history of the piece and artists involved and why JW3 is the right partner for your project.
  • Send your email to
  • They accept submissions year-round.


Published on:
30 Sep 2019


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