The Lowry Studio Members – Class Of 2019

This September, The Lowry will be launching their new Artist Development strand, ‘Class Of’, which will run alongside the existing Studio Members scheme. This select group of emerging artists, companies and producers  will take part in a dedicated year-long training programme aimed at demystifying, clarifying and generally un-baffling arts production. You’ll graduate in Summer 2019 armed with all the tools needed to make a start in theatre production, whether that be producing your own work, starting your own company, or freelance producing for other people.


Fri 3 August, 5pm

The scheme will run from September 2018 to July 2019. Participants will be expected to attend the majority of monthly scheduled sessions. 


The Class will benefit from:

– LESSONS: Attending a course of free monthly workshops or training sessions on everything from the basics of producing work through to entrepreneurial thinking and expanding into other markets
 – CLASS TRIPS: Free theatre tickets for class ‘go sees’
– TALENT SHOWS: Reserved slots at Studio Members scratch nights for Class Of participants (including £250 seed funding)
– THE HEAD TEACHER: One-on-one mentoring from the Studio Members producer, and opportunities to learn from other Lowry members of staff
– BEST FRIENDS FOREVER: Peer support and learning
For more information and to apply please go to
Published on:
23 Jul 2018


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